Admeasurement Tenjin IDFA iOS June July: A Comprehensive Analysis

admeasurement tenjin idfa ios june july

1. Understanding Admeasurement Tenjin

Admeasurement Tenjin is a leading mobile marketing measurement platform that helps app developers and marketers track and analyze their advertising campaigns’ performance. It provides valuable insights into user acquisition, retention, and monetization, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions. With the upcoming IDFA changes, Tenjin has been working diligently to adapt its platform to ensure continued effectiveness and accuracy in measuring campaign performance.

2. The Impact of IDFA Changes

The IDFA changes in iOS 14.5 aim to enhance user privacy by requiring explicit user consent for apps to track their activities across other apps and websites. This change has significant implications for admeasurement platforms like Tenjin, as it limits the availability of user-level data that was previously accessible without explicit consent. As a result, the accuracy and granularity of ad measurement may be compromised.

3. Tenjin’s Approach to IDFA Changes

Recognizing the challenges posed by the IDFA changes, Tenjin has taken a proactive approach to ensure its platform remains effective and reliable. They have developed a comprehensive solution that focuses on three key areas: consent management, probabilistic modeling, and contextual targeting.

Firstly, Tenjin has implemented a consent management framework that enables app developers to seamlessly integrate the necessary consent prompts into their apps. This ensures compliance with Apple’s guidelines while maintaining a smooth user experience.

Secondly, Tenjin has leveraged probabilistic modeling techniques to fill the gaps left by limited access to user-level data. By analyzing available data points and patterns, Tenjin can estimate user behavior and campaign performance with a reasonable degree of accuracy. While this approach may not provide the same level of precision as before, it still offers valuable insights for optimizing marketing strategies.

Lastly, Tenjin has emphasized the importance of contextual targeting in the post-IDFA era. By focusing on contextual factors such as app category, content, and user demographics, Tenjin enables advertisers to reach relevant audiences without relying solely on individual user-level data. This approach ensures that campaigns can still be effective even with limited access to personalized information.

4. The Road Ahead

As the June and July deadlines for IDFA changes approach, Tenjin continues to refine its platform and adapt to the evolving admeasurement landscape. They are actively monitoring industry developments and collaborating with industry partners to ensure their solution remains robust and effective.

It is important for advertisers and app developers to stay informed and proactive in navigating these changes. Exploring alternative measurement methodologies, such as SKAdNetwork and aggregated attribution, can provide additional insights and help mitigate the impact of IDFA changes.


The admeasurement Tenjin IDFA iOS June July presents both challenges and opportunities for advertisers and app developers. While the IDFA changes limit access to user-level data, Tenjin’s proactive approach and comprehensive solution offer a path forward. By focusing on consent management, probabilistic modeling, and contextual targeting, Tenjin aims to maintain the effectiveness and accuracy of its measurement platform. As the industry adapts to these changes, staying informed and exploring alternative measurement methodologies will be crucial for success in the evolving mobile advertising landscape.

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