1. Customer Complaints and BBB Rating

Customer Complaints and BBB Rating

The solar energy industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with many homeowners and businesses opting to install solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. However, with the increasing popularity of solar energy, there has also been a rise in scams targeting unsuspecting customers. One such company that has come under scrutiny is Klick Solar, a solar energy contractor based in Greenwood Village, CO. In this article, we will delve into the allegations against Klick Solar and examine the evidence to determine if there is any validity to the claims.

1. Customer Complaints and BBB Rating

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Klick Solar has an A+ rating. While this may initially seem reassuring, it is important to note that the company has had five customer complaints closed in the last three years. These complaints include issues with product/service, canceling fees, and communication problems. While it is not uncommon for businesses to receive complaints, it is worth investigating the nature of these complaints to gain a better understanding of Klick Solar’s practices.

2. Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into a company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. On the SolarReviews website, Klick Solar has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers have praised the company for its professionalism and quality of work, while others have expressed dissatisfaction with the installation process and customer service. It is important to consider both positive and negative reviews to get a comprehensive view of Klick Solar’s performance.

3. Questionable Marketing Tactics

In an article published on Brothers Campfire, the author recounts an encounter with a representative from Klick Solar who left a brochure and requested a follow-up appointment. The author describes the brochure as typical marketing fluff, with claims of being locally owned, offering no money down, and having an industry-leading guarantee. While these marketing tactics may not necessarily indicate fraudulent behavior, they do raise questions about the transparency and credibility of the company.

4. Industry Awareness of Solar Scams

Solar scams are not unique to Klick Solar; they are a widespread issue within the solar energy industry. Forbes Home has published an article highlighting various solar scams that consumers should be aware of. The article emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research, verifying credentials, and being cautious of door-to-door salespeople. It is crucial for consumers to educate themselves about common scams to protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent practices.


While Klick Solar has an A+ rating from the BBB, it is essential to consider the customer complaints and mixed reviews the company has received. Additionally, the questionable marketing tactics raise concerns about the transparency and credibility of Klick Solar. It is crucial for consumers to exercise caution when dealing with any solar energy contractor and to conduct thorough research before making any commitments. By being aware of common scams and understanding the red flags, consumers can protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent practices in the solar energy industry.

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